Author: stonkgang

Owner of Stock Gang. A full time swing trader and financial independence author.

15th February 2024

Cupid came and shot the market with some love, a lot of strong bounces across multiple sectors. Market breadth was reasonably strong too. I’ve been flicking through the 13F forms this morning to see where and what big money has been buying. For the most part it was pretty bland, no big outlandish bets. It was interesting to see the mixed view on large cap tech. Clearly a few feel there’s lots left in the

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14th February 2024

Its valentines day, and as traders we are involved in large financial decisions on a daily basis. Don’t allow yourself to get lost along the way and lose sight of what’s really important, remembering why you do this in the first place. There’s a lot more to life than money; So don’t be a fool, your time for that is in April.

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13th February 2024

Looks like inflation came in hotter than expected, hardly a surprise. Beautiful stuff in QQQ and all the large caps. I’ll be looking to cover into open and just trail the rest on the 65 minute. This entire rally has been focused on institutional investors piling into the “safe options”. Meaning names with high FCF, large moats and lots of cash on hand; aka the Magnificent 7. So if this pullback in QQQ gets steeper

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12th February 2024

The market remains extended on almost every metric, with some tech stocks reaching parabolic levels. However, small caps ($IWM) have just started to kick into gear with a nice weekly breakout taking place. The real test will be once $QQQ pulls back, do we see other sectors take the lead or are we just at the stage of “all boats rise”. $ARKG Cathie wood has been under scrutiny as of late due to the dire

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5th February 2024

Over the past few weeks I’ve presented sumptuous amounts of data which clearly portray my thesis on how the market plays out from here. As things continue to grind higher and the noise gets louder I plan to step back a little and let my thesis play out whilst waiting for opportunities to increase exposure. It’s extremely important for me that I do not allow any outside influence to interfere with my data backed decisions.

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